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What EXACTLY are Cluster Headaches? - Descriptions of exactly what cluster headaches are
Cluster Headache Web Sites - Sites dealing specifically with Cluster Headache issues
Cluster Headaches in the News - Links to pages with stories in the media about clusters
Pharmaceutical Sites - Type in the name of a medication and get ALL of the information!
Other Types of Headaches - Links to other headache related websites (Migraines, CPH, etc.)


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 cluster sites

  • Oxygen! - FANTASTIC oxygen page put together BY sufferers FOR sufferers.  There is some really good information on what to look for and how everything works.  It's your one-stop-shop for everything oxygen related.

  • Alternative Cluster Headache Treatments - there's been A LOT of talk on the message board about using 'magic mushrooms' (and other hallucinogenic drugs) for treating cluster headaches. If you've wondered about 'alternative treatments', here's a link for you. Please understand the disclaimer...

  • O.U.C.H. (UK) - Long time sufferer Simon has built a fantastic site specifically for cluster headache sufferers from the United Kingdom.

  • O.U.C.H. (Italy) - Italians should check this out!

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 cluster news

  • BBC Story about Dr. Peter J. Goadsby! - Dr. Goadsby and his research team may have found the cause of cluster headaches! Read about it and watch the Real Video yourself! Absolutely AWESOME news!!!

  • Can't Stop the Pain - Link to the Good Morning America story on cluster headaches that ran on June 13th, 2001. Hopefully, there will be many more links like this one to stories that have aired nation-wide in the US. For contact info on major US television programs, see the Media page. Send them a message!

  • Health Report - Interview with Dr. Peter Goadsby from ABC in Australia

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  • RxList The Internet Drug Index - Another resource to search for drug information

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 other links

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